Organization FAQ

When you are on the “Domain Names” page, you can only see the domains in the list that belong to, or can be accessed by, the specific username or organization that you are currently in.

Even if your username owns multiple “organizations”, or has the rights to view/manage the domains of other “organizations”, you must use the dropdown menu on the upper-right of the page to select the owning organization first, in order to see its domains (see how to switch between organizations).


You can not see all the domains your username has the rights to view/manage in a single list. Domains can only be seen/managed if you have first chosen the organization that owns the domains (or your personal account, if you are the owner as an individual).

It is not possible to change the first/last name of a personal account. This is why the fields are greyed out on the form.

If you need an username (personal account) with a different first and/or last name, you must make a new account with the correct information. You would then need to proceed with any owner changes, domain contact changes, or change in team members to “move” (or more correctly, change management or owner ship of) the products from one user (the one with the undesired information) to the new one (with the desired first/last name)

It is not possible to change the “Company name” of an organization. This is because it is the legal title holder of the products (ex. domains) owned by the organization. It is only possible to change the “Display name” of the organization, as that is just used on our website.

If your company or association has changed names, you will need to make a new organization with its current information. Then, to “move” the products to that organization you will need to proceed with an owner change of the domains that the organization may currently own, in favor of a new organization with the new name.

An email address can only be used for one user account in #gandiV5. If you try to make a new account from your old Gandi handle, ant it tells you that the email address is already in use, you have two options:

  1. If the given and family names are identical between the two accounts: we ask if you want to import the handle into the existing user's account. This will effectively merge the two, so you can manage the products of both from the first username.
  2. If the name is not the same between the two: you will need to change the email address of either the existing username from the #gandiV5 interface (see how to change your email address), or the email address on the Gandi handle of the 2nd account. The two accounts can not me merged, as since they are not the same name, it's not the same person.

For much more detail on this case, please read the “What happens if you have more than one handle?” section of our news article on “Organizations”.

No, because ultimately an organization corresponds to the domain name owner. Changing what organization manages the domain name therefore corresponds to an owner change.

If you want a domain name to be managed under a different organization, you must change the owner of the domain name. Please see with customer support if you need to do this.

Yes, your username can be in as many teams as desired.

You will still need, however, to select the organization that owns the products to manage from the dropdown menu on the upper-right of the page in order to see/manage the products to which your username has been granted rights.

The fact that your username is a member of multiple teams does not mean you will see all the products in your username's list (domains, hosting, etc.)

To change the language of your account, you need to go to and select the language that you want to use in the dropdown menu at the top of the page.

Choosing the language of the interface using that menu will take preference over the choice of language in your user settings.