Accessing and managing your products

Gandi products (domain names, simple hosting instances, servers, etc.) are managed through a collaborative system of “organizations”.

In order to be able to see and/or manage a product, a #gandiv5 “user” must be a member of a “team” that has been granted permissions to the “organization” that owns the product, or be the owner of the product itself:

  • How to use users: This is you, the customer, as an individual person, and identified by a unique username.
  • How to use teams: a group of users who have been granted permissions to an organization's products and/or legal and billing information.
  • How to use organizations: a unit that represents a company, association, or public body that can buy and manage Gandi products.
  • How to use domain contacts: Domain contacts can be used as a way of delegating rights to manage a domain to specific individuals.