Gandi Mail FAQ

Does Gandimail support DKIM?

No, Gandimail does not support DKIM.

If you use Gandi's DNS however, you are free to add the TXT zone file record needed to add the necessary “_domainkey” TXT entry for your domain. You would then need to see with your outgoing email provider concerning the configuration of their mail server for the service.

Can use a forwarding address as a "from:" or "reply-to" address in my email client?

Technically, yes, but you may encounter problems with some email not being received when sending “from” a forwarding address. Since it is not technically possible for email to originate from a forwarding address, such messages are considered by some mail servers to be “spoofed” and therefore block them.

You may therefore find it easier to replace or supplement the forwarding addresses with an actual mailbox (with aliases, if necessary), then configure your email client to be able to send and receive from that address.

Do I have to buy hosting to use Gandi Mail?

You can use Gandi Mail with your domain regardless of what type of hosting you have. You can even use it without having any hosting at all, though you may want to upgrade to one of the Mail Packs depending on your usage.

Do I have to use Gandi's DNS to use Gandi Mail?

No. You just need to be sure you have our MX records in place.

@ 10800 IN MX 50
@ 10800 IN MX 10

How can I change mail servers ?

If you are using Gandi's LiveDNS, you need to update the “MX” record entries that are in your domains DNS records, by replacing them with the ones that your new email provider gives you. How do I change mx records?

Can I use Gandi Mail with an external domain?

No. GandiMail can not be used with a domain not registered with Gandi.